Pins That You Should Not Pin On Pinterest

A long time back, I’ve crafted a post on the topic “Things Not To Be Tweeted on Twitter” as it is an extended social network. Now, I am gonna discuss the similar kind of topic on Pinterest “Pins Not To Pin On Pinterest” through this post. 

Pinterest, the visual social network, is growing with more than 70 million active users. For bloggers, the social network was the second largest source of referral traffic in the 3rd quarter of 2014. It can give you a truck load of traffic when used correctly, but if you try to go against the rules, Pinterest and its lively users are so quick to disown you from their network.

If you are looking as to why your pins are not performing on Pinterest, here are some tips on what not to pin on Pinterest which would save you from embarrassment.

Why should you be careful about what not to pin on Pinterest?

Before explaining what not to pin, let me just point out why you should follow my advice on this post.

1) Pinning without considering your SEO can make your boards and pins invisible to searchers on Pinterest.

2) A broken link in your pins may make your followers get angry and hurt your referral traffic.

3) You wouldn’t want to land in a legal controversy by pinning copyrighted stuff or illegal images.

So, I’ve decided to write this Pinterest post for you!

8 Pin Types That Should Not Pin On Pinterest 

Here are some helpful tips on what you should avoid pinning on Pinterest.


1. Do not repin blindly

About 80% of the pins on Pinterest are repinned of existing pins. Repinning a pin is like sharing a Facebook status or retweeting. Having said this, I would also point out that repinning other people’s pin without checking the links they point could be disastrous.

Pinterest is not void of spammers, but many pins point to suspicious sites that can cause damage to your online safety. If any of your followers find a pin on your board that led them to a scam, they will not hesitate to report you to Pinterest.

Key Takeaway: Be careful about whose pin you are repining. Always check their profile and the link to the corresponding pin.

2. “Don’t pin” pins that don’t stimulate users to visit your blog

When we pin a blog post on Pinterest, choose an image that inspires the folks at the social platform to click the image.

Let me explain: Suppose a blog post has a series of images, some are mere graphs and dull illustrations while the feature image is catchy.

You think pinning any image from that page will lead your followers to the particular post. But, in reality, an attractive image only gets more repins and more click through.

Key Takeaway: Do not pin “just any image” from a blog post. Pin the image that motivates the users to click on your link.

3. Do not pin horizontal and landscape images

It would be good to find out the long vertical images to perform better.

Key Takeaway: You should prefer tall images and try not to pin a horizontal image if the blog post has a taller alternative image.

4. What not to do on Pinterest? Pinning irrelevant pins

If you are followed by 500 minded people on Twitter for business and you inadvertently start tweeting movie-related tweets what would you notice? They will all unfollow you.

Similarly, on Pinterest too, try not to pin images or media files that are not related to the niche your account works in.

Key takeaway: If you are a blogger do not pin images of film stars or cartoons on your blogging niche pin board.

5. Do not pin images from blog posts that do not encourage pinning

Pinterest button now appears on almost all the websites, especially the ones related to art and craft.

But, there are sites that do not allow you to pin images from their posts. This might be because they do not want any breach in privacy or probably because it is related to art and craft and they are afraid their ideas could be stolen.

Key takeaway: Whatever the cause might be, if a website says not to pin an image do not go out of your zone to pin them. This may land you in a legal controversy.

6. Do not pin images that have broken link

I check all my links before pinning them to Pinterest. But, for many of you just repining other’s pins might lead to a broken link.

Sometimes, web pages get deleted, or sites get discontinued. Many times I have seen broken links from sites that have changed the permalink structure and forgotten to add a redirect.

Pins already existing from these sites not point nowhere but to an “error 404 page”. While the parent blog might not care for this silly mistake, such pins can arouse anger amongst your followers, and they may unfollow you.

Key takeaway: You should not pin images that have broken or suspicious links. You should also go for a seasonal cleaning of your boards to keep a check pins with broken links.

7. Do not pin images that no one would like to see

On Pinterest, you have a huge chance of getting discovered by people worldwide based on the images you pin. Most Pinterest users are women, and I don’t need to say how keen women are to perfection.

No one would like to see you pin a thumbnail image or an image that is too blurry due to low quality. Similarly pinning very arousing pictures (like too many contrasting color schemes) or images that evoke strong emotion might turn your fans off.

Key takeaway: Avoid pinning stuff that is too sparkly or too emotion provoking. You are on Pinterest to marketing your business and get followers not to call a war.

8. Pins after a series of pins

Pinterest is for people with coolness quotient. Don’t overwhelm your fans by pinning pins even after you have pinned enough pins for the day. Going on an endless pinning spree can kill all your creativity and feel the news feed of your fans with only your tweets.

Key takeaway: Don’t pin too much of pins.


Secret board – The answer to all pinning restrictions

While we now saw what not to pin on Pinterest, I have a solution for your pinning spree. It is to have one or any number of secret boards on Pinterest that no one but you can see. This way you can pin whatever you want and whenever you want without hurting your Pinterest SEO and disappointing your fans and followers.

Tips to create a secret pin board

1) Go to create a board from your dashboard.

2) Choose a name for your pin board and toggle the button that says keep it secret. It will make your board secret and hide its pins from strangers.



Pinterest is a fantastic place to organize and share the images that we find interesting. It is one of the fastest growing social networks which acts as a right place to promote your business. Bloggers and internet marketers can establish an excellent reputation on Pinterest and thus it would be good to keep away from the certain things to maintain its prominence. 

I hope that you’ve learned on what pins to avoid pinning on Pinterest. By being a little careful, we can increase our engagements rates on the platform and also increase the reach of our pins. The only aim of this strategy is to provide a smooth and glitch-free experience to our followers, and that should be our ultimate intend for Pinterest and every other social platform. 

What tips do you follow for Pinterest pinning? What type of pins would you like to avoid pinning on Pinterest? Do write them in the comments below.

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