6+ Guest Blogging Myths To Ignore

Blogging is considered as one of the best marketing techniques that meet the extremities of the customer line, apart from just being a web space to share the thoughts.

Guest blogging is identified as one of best strategies to introduce oneself and one’s authorship through others’ blog.

I have already explained the essentials of guest blogging and always give my best writing away for free. And yes, It helps me to influence the great readers for my blog!

When guest blogging began, it was a great deal!

Unfortunately, there have been some myths about guest blogging that are ruling the online world. These misconceptions leave a trail of incorrect assumptions in the minds of the newbie bloggers/marketers.

Thus, they feel discouraged and this, in turn, affects their spirit towards the writing contribution for other sites.

Through this blog post, I’m taking a nice opportunity to explain why guest blogging is an important activity for the digital marketers/online publishers/ bloggers.

Let’s take a look at few of the guest blogging myths and see how they should be disregarded.

6 Universal Guest Posting Misbeliefs To Debunk 

Check the top guest blogging traditions to brush aside!


1. Guest Blogging Is Link Building

For the past years, Google has been reiterating that writing guest blogs to build links is an incorrect methodology and has even hit listed that as a dangerous practice of trying to gain backlinks.

This initiative by Google has left a wrong impression in the minds of the bloggers that the guest blogging is dead.

I would say that the Guest blogging is not dead; it’s just a misconception!

The point that I want to iterate is, guest blogging is a way to gain authority in your niche, but it is not a technique to build links mechanically.

All that matters to a search engine is the frequency of the appearance of your name as an author of the quality content. Do you agree with my viewpoint?

If you ever get an invite for guest blogging from active websites in your niche, do not push it away.

Though you may not be provided with a ‘dofollow’ link, it will do wonders for your online career because search engines have smart algorithms to identify our liveliness through guest posts.

So, you don’t need to try guest blogging as a link building strategy. 

I have recently contributed my guest post on ShoutMeLoud where you can see that I didn’t get any backlinks for my blog. However, I obtained new blog readers 🙂

2. Guest Blogging Is Writing Scrap

Don’t just screw up yourself into some sand traps. You cannot just write something and let the invitee publish the article for no purpose.

Why would someone invite you for a guest post? Or why would you ask someone for guest posting on their site? If you have no answer to these questions, it becomes impossible for you to sustain a healthy online career.

Guest posting is a good chance to lay a foundation stone of your authority on the web. By donating the quality, unique piece of content, you will earn the right appreciation and targeted audience as well.

It would be good to provide a tailored content for the site audience (where you are guest posting) with no originality lack. Besides, be sure to give the content with the compelling headline and without keyword stuffing.

Ex: You may look at my guest post on TechTricksWorld on G+ Guide where I’ve presented an in-depth content for those blog readers.

3. Guest Blogging Is Waste Of Time

I always feel down by the web publishers who live under the impression that guest blogging is a waste of time.

I strongly disagree with their hypothesis! Yes, guest posting is the priceless, long-term asset to build the influence.

It is the finest way to point up your style and share your knowledge with the targeted visitors. Letting your personality shine through other sites would enhance your exposure levels.

Fresh readers will recognize your sincerity with the great piece of content, follow you on social media and respond to your CTAs.

I got new social followers and loyal readers through my guest post on the influential blog, Janesheeba.com

4. Google Hates Guest Blogging

I agree with this belief! But, when Google disgusts guest blogging?

If you try to rank for a particular head term by adding rich anchor text links in your guest posts, then Google and other search engines will dislike you.

Yes, it is a brilliant move by Google to put a full stop to the benefit of getting dofollow links with the low-quality, powerless content.

As I stated above, the guest blogging activity with remarkable content has the indirect SEO benefit like overall site authority boost that in turn improve your search engine rankings.

In simple words, anything that broadens your site name is a good SEO; I hope that I’m right!

Thus, it doesn’t matter that you get Dofollow/Nofollow/No link in your guest posts.

If more people read your fabulous guest post, they would rush to check your blog for sure and link your content as well (Indirect SEO advantage).

For instance, long days back, I’ve presented a guest post “Guest Blogging Tips” on the active blog, BloggerTipsTricks.com.

It got linked & my points were listed in the Feedster’s Must Read Guest Blogging Guides post.

5. Guest Blogging Makes Us Famous Overnight

It is the modern myth among the newbie marketers! You probably aware of the well-known proverb “Rome wasn’t built overnight.”

The same applies to guest blogging as well!

It isn’t an overnight success tactic to become an authority in your niche. It’s like a marathon approach that will help you to get positive energy after you get the pass in the beginning phase.

Contributing one single article with an attention-seeking title cannot win the hearts of your targeted visitors.

You must offer your guest post on the relevant leading sites in a consistent manner and promote them to begin being a niche influencer.

So, I would suggest you work on regularly delivering the better guest posts for the long run.

I’m delighted to convey that I’ve presented 25+ guest posts on different blogs till now and gained real credibility with them.

I gifted a guest post for Moneybies.com in the year 2013 and received feedback recently in the comment section. Look at the image attached!


I hope that I’ll continue offering my free content for helpful blogs with which I could stay authoritative, create community and earn branding.

6. Guest Blogging Never Helps To Build Email List

The list building is the best way to get loyal readers on a regular basis and build a good relationship with them.

My greatest regret would be that I didn’t start the Email marketing from scratch till now, and it is merely due to my time constraint. I’ll start doing it very soon.

Some web entrepreneurs believe that the guest blogging wouldn’t help in building the Email list. I would say that it is a wrong presumption on guest posting!

Yes, there exist several ways to make an effective email list through guest blogging. You may have a look at those methods through this supportive post by Sue Anne on BloggingWizard.

Few More Guest Blogging Myths Should Be Busted 

I have had come across some more guest posting legends that should be exploded!

  • Guest Blogging will soon be dead.
  • Guidelines are too strict to follow.
  • It is a rocket science to get our guest post accepted in authority sites.
  • We should have established connections in our niche.
  • Our site should have a massive traffic with previous guest blogging experience.

I assume that these are guest blogging misconceptions, but opinion may vary from person to person. 

What I tell you is, “Do Not Expect Immediate Reply For Your Initial Guest Post Pitch.” 

You may wait for a week or more and send a follow-up email whether they have received your interest in offering the guest post on their site.

I’m sure that you will get a response for your polite follow-up email. Otherwise, move on to next site. 

Guest Blogging Is Marketing Under The Mat

The people from so-called ‘companies’ might be the smartest people in the world. They will reach you out with a polite email saying,


I have been through your blog xyz.com. It has great information and snow cats. Blab la blah I’m a fan of your articles.

I want to contribute a guest post on the interesting topic with just one dofollow link.
Mr/Ms. Smarty”

Such emails make me laugh like a grumpy cat. (Yeah, you are right grumpy cat never smiles).

So, that’s how people from companies annoy bloggers/webmasters.

Let’s come to the point; Most of the marketing people from micro companies think of promoting their new products/services under the mat through a guest post without even saying a word about it to the owner of the blog.

For those who think guest blogging is free promotional technique, I would like to make it clear that promotion on blogs has another door to get in.

It is not the bunch of words that make someone accept the guest post, but the quality of the post that you promised in your conversations that are presented in reality. Marketing your product under the mat is pure myth. Chew on that!


Guest blogging is an amazing branding and SEO strategy when it is done right!

It is a win-win scenario for the online writers and publishers to get publicity, credibility, and exposure in social media.

Just, you need to think of the precise ways that boost your site’s traffic through your original content instead of trying to gain backlinks.  If you do so, you will never get penalized by Google for guest blogging.

High-quality guest posts will be more valuable in the year 2016 and would enhance the outreach of your website.  

Be sure to showcase your professionalism in the content and don’t expect instant advantages.

Besides, do not spin the familiar content and use copyright images in your guest posts. 

When asked about the guest posting in 2015, Zac Johnson of Blogging.org said 


Leave the myths in a pot and throw it away into the deep sea. Guest blogging is awesome. Savor it!

If you still didn’t get a compromise with my words, you may have a look at my friend’s post on Guest Posting Myths to know his viewpoint. Almost, we are on the same wavelength! 

Now, you tell!

What is your opinion on guest blogging? Do you agree with the above-listed guest blogging myths? What other guest posting traditions, that should be ignored? How often do you guest blog?

I would like to know your experience as a guest blogger. Share your valuable views and experiences in the comment section. 

37 thoughts on “6+ Guest Blogging Myths To Ignore”

  1. Thank you Nirmala for providing insight into Guest post and its myths. I too believe Guest post is a win for owner and Guest authors. But I am still not sure why many bloggers suddenly removed guest post.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Welcome Ravi, thanks for getting time to read my post. It is good that you are believing the benefits of guest blogging. It happens with some blog owners if they face traffic drop issue and don’t want to pass link juice to anyone. They might try to add their own content for better performance.

  2. Its a detailed guide on Guest blogging. and i am gonna save it in Doc 🙂
    I have learned two things today.
    1. author of the quality content
    2. subscribers list.
    These two are completely unknown to me. I do have some myths about guest blogging, now i am very clear about it. thanks a lot for this. Will contact you if i need any information in future

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Glad I could help you in learning the unknown things. Yes, they both are more important in guest blogging.

      Thanks for saving my content, hope it would help you to gain good credibility in your niche.

      Stay tuned to grab more helpful stuff, have a good day!

  3. Hi Nirmala,

    How are you today? Here you told your opinion. But if guest blogging is dead, then how people will acquire backlinks to get their content rank high on serp? IS there any possible methods to practice?

    In my point of view, if people do guest blogging on relevant websites and websites have high authority then you are totally OK.


  4. Hi Nirmala ,
    You have really nice post .I didn’t think about Guest blogging ever before as i do not \know how to reach top blogs for guest post.But these could be myth of guest blogging.Even I’ll be making some guest post as I’m getting some test from them.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Ravinder,

      Good to see you here, thanks for coming!

      I’m delighted that you have recognized the advantages of guest blogging through my post. I would suggest you to contribute your free content for active blogs first, then after getting some good visibility, you may try guest posting on the top blogs. It would be easy.

      Congratz for your guest blogging beginning, I hope that you’ll get good fame with it. Keep going!

  5. Hi Nirmala,
    First of all Thanks for clear my doubts about Guest Blogging……. I never did guest blogging but now i can think about it. Thanks for this awesome Article.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Yes, it has good benefits. I have a very good experience with guest blogging by getting new readers.

      But be sure to offer the helpful content on active blogs, All the best, keep visiting!

  6. Hi Nirmala,

    Nice post about the Guest Blogging. And i would say that guest blogging has always helped me to get more to my blogs and i also agree with the tips you have shared.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thanks Robin for agreeing my views on guest posting, thanks for finding time to read my post. Don’t forget to share your guest blogging experience with me. Have a great day!

  7. Yeah your are absolutely right about this guest blogging myths. Even most of the people blindly follow these things.

    Guest blogging is always a great way to build authority and connect with other fellow bloggers.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Well said James! It is a great strategy to connect with dedicated bloggers and gain authority.

      Thanks for coming by, stay tuned!

  8. Hi Nirmala,
    I was still not aware of guest blogging and recently started guest posts on my blog and many of the points listed above are aa immense help to me. Thanks for sharing this value adding post..:)

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Allowing guest posts on the blogs is good GuruNath, but you should try providing your useful content for other blogs to reap its benefits.

      Hope you’ll start doing it soon and get good community for your blog.

      Thanks for checking my post, have a good rest of the week.

  9. Hi Nirmala maam,
    Guest blogging is a great source of getting recognition and building a bond with more bloggers and their readers.
    Many spammers like you said are corrupting the whole scenario with those emails.
    If done the right way, blogging for others can increase email list, more traffic, and ultimately enhance your blog and your authority.

    Thanks for clearing these myths maam 🙂

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Yes Swadhin, some bloggers are performing guest blogging to get backlinks. Thus Google made a brilliant move and revealed that it is not a link building strategy. It has other benefits with which we could build a community for your blog and gain reputation.

      Nice to read your opinion and I agree with you.

      You’re most welcome, thanks for being regular here. Have a good day ahead.

  10. Hi Nirmala,

    Great post. you are absolutely right about this guest blogging. Guest blogging is always a great way to build authority and connect with other fellow bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing Informative post. 🙂

  11. Hi Nirmala,

    I do have all these myths in my mind for a long time, because of this reason I never accepted guest posts on my blog and I didn’t try writing one on other blogs.

    A couple of months back I thought nobody will accept my guest post on their blogs because at that time I don’t have a relationship with other bloggers, now I have a good number of bloggers who know about my writing and accept my guest post if request them.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post about guest blogging, see you soon with another article.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Siddaiah Thirupati,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and yes, there is no harm in accepting the quality piece of content from the active bloggers.

      Guest blogging has amazing benefits and you can expand your exposure for sure. I grabbed many loyal readers through my post contribution and thus I have explained these myths to be debunked.

      Good to see you here on a regular basis, thanks very much for your constant support. Have a good weekend!

  12. Hi Nirmala,

    Thanks for sharing such an impressive post which is about Guest Blogging, In fact you have shared a detailed post which contain bunch of useful info and clear the misconception regarding Guest blogging. I agree with you that mostly bloggers avoid the most significant thing which has a potential to build the reputation and increase the authority of blog.

    Once again thanks for sharing such a fantastic post 🙂



    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Glad about your high appreciation Mairaj, thanks for being loyal here!

      Yes, I have seen some dedicated bloggers avoid performing the guest blogging and I assume that they unaware of its benefits.

      As you said, it is easy to build authority by donating the helpful content.

      Thanks for coming by, have a good day ahead!

  13. Hi, Nirmala

    Your Post on Shoutmeloud was a gold nugget.

    What I think is that if anybody is starting to blog and if he has 10 blog posts ready then he should offer the best 5 as a guest post on the blogs that he admire.That’s a little painful thing to do but that’s how value is added o the system & your SML post was the example of the same.

    If you think that my post is too good to be offered as a guest post, that’s the post you should offer Or just be creative and offer something unique.

    Example: This post by Ramsey Teplin(BlogTyrant), He wrote Why I hate Copybloggeras a guest post for Coppyblogger.

    I strictly see guest posting as part of Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing and not as link building (Although it builds QUALITY links or you).


  14. Hi Nirmala Ma’am just came to know about your excellent blog via Adeel Sami’s share 🙂
    I read the whole post and in my view, the best way to get exposure in the online world (blogosphere) is guest posting. Just write a quality post and contribute at a blog which has a good readership!
    Also, Guest blogging proves extraordinary well for referral traffic. Right?
    Thanks for sharing these myths 😀
    Your new friend,

  15. Hello Nirmala Sister ,

    I must say that your post well gonna clear many newbies questions and myths in their minds.

    Seriously this article even cleared my most of the misunderstandings about guest blogging .

    I always say that guest blogging is the best way to build readership.
    and seriously it is!

    Thanks for sharing an awesome article with readers like me 😛 🙂

    Have a nice Day!

    Abdul Samad

  16. Hi Nirmala,
    Nice article you compiled here, I used to think guest blogging was a major link building technique those days, but now I have found that it’s just to impart knowledge to other.
    It’s always nice being here, thanks for the big share.

  17. Hello Nirmala Ma,am!
    Nice post indeed!

    You are right ma,am about guest posting. In my view, guest posting play vital role in blogging. But different- different heads have different- different minds. So, what can we do?

    Anyway, you have given deep description about guest posting. And I thing, after reading your content people can understand easily and review..

    Thanks for providing some new information about guest posting.. 🙂

    Keep writing..
    Have a nice week!:)

  18. Hi Nirmala,
    All the detailed information on Guest Blogging. Thank you so much for coming up with this one.
    There are various myths about the guest blogging issues and I wonder why Guest blogging is not supported by

    Indeed Guest blogging can make you famous over night if you are writing well enough to lay emphasis on your

    Many of your points you make me aware of, thanks for such a valuable post to share among.

    Happy blogging.

    Shantanu sinha

  19. Hey Nirmala mam,

    Brilliantly Compiled Post!

    Well, all these are done by some bunch of people, spread wrong things about Guest Blogging, It is not a waste of time, if we give our precious time to it, the return will be bigger, we will be having more popularity, more followers, and many more things.

    So, it is worth giving time, but only with quality posts.

  20. All fair points, Nirmala!

    That point about “scraps” made me cringe… there are far too many bloggers out there just waiting to feed your their scraps.

    I used to accept posts like that.

    But honestly, if I am going to consider publishing anything on my blog now, I need to see some blood, sweat and tears put into it.

    It had better be good.

    Guest posting is what it is — it’s a great chance to gain exposure and build trust with a new audience. Any possible benefits from link building should just be considered a bonus.

    Great job!


  21. Hi Nirmala,

    Google’s initiative has truly put a wrong impression about Guest Bloging. But as you said, “anything that broadens your site name is a good SEO”.

    Also before writing for another blog, one must understand the audience base of that particular blog to write apt content. And it must be of similar quality, if not better, to get published.

    Thanks for the share. Take care 🙂

  22. Hey Nirmala Ma’am,

    I would call this article a myth busting article because it has proven that guest blogging is beneficial. There are lots myths about guest blogging and specially many bloggers think this is not good for SEO and it does not help to increase our email list and help to increase traffic on our blogs.

    The examples you added in this article are very informative show us how it works and what we should avoid while guest blogging.

    Thanks for sharing this post Nirmala Ma’am.

    Yogesh Shinde

  23. Hi Nirmala,

    Thank you for a Good and useful post . I totally agree with you. If done in the right away Guest Blogging is the most powerful way of marketing. It surely increase the brand value of the blog and the blogger.


  24. Hi Nirmala,
    i am not trying till now for guest blogging for my blog. when i was in company i do so many guest blogging for a link building i think this is count spamming by google. after your article my view is changed about guest blogging. lets i try for famous my my blog by author bio. thanks a lot for this amazing article.

  25. Wendy Stirnberg

    The part about getting back links only from A list bloggers is true. I agree, back links should also be from high quality relevant sites. Good post

  26. Guest posting is a thing I haven’t done yet so I’ll definitely give it a shot. I think there is nothing truly to lose except maybe a little bit of confidence :). Very instructive post .

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