6 Things That Can Destroy Your Blog

This is the very first guest post of Mymagicfundas.com and I am very happy to be the first guest blogger here. Many thanks to Nirmala for giving me this opportunity.

Now I am moving on to the topic and going to discuss the things that can destroy your blog whether you do intentionally or unintentionally. You should always avoid those things which can harm your blog in any means. All you need is to take care of few basic things and so that you would reach a remarkable place in the Blogosphere effortlessly.

Before I discuss on this topic I would like to ask few questions here:-

1.   Do you have a blog?
2.   Are you blogging regularly?
3.   Do you write Quality content?
4.   Are you getting the regular comment on your blog and you give the response to them?
5.   Do you have patience?
6.   Do you visit other blogs to update your knowledge and post comments there?
7.   Do you write good comments which add value to the post?
8.   Do you behave politely to everyone?
9.   Are you active on Social Media?
10.  Do you help the needy ones?

If your answers for all the above questions are YES then you are on right track and success guaranteed sooner or later. But if you are either lacking these elements in you or you are not doing most of the things which I have mentioned, then this is the matter of worry. You should know the things that can destroy your blog badly.

6 Things That Ruin Your Blog

 Okay, I am going to share few things that can destroy your blog and provide some helpful tips to avoid them.

things-that-can-destroys-your-blogImage Credit: Freedigitalphotos.net

1. Too Much of Ego

Ego is something in which a person considers himself superior to others. He thinks the rest are inferior in front of him. Ego always takes you away from your loved ones. In fact, it takes you away from most of the nearby people and leaves you alone.

Similarly, if you are blogging on a blog and you think you started treating your fellow bloggers as inferior then gradually you will be losing a lot of contacts and it would also affect your blog’s readership.

!No one likes an egoistic person, Be Good to everyone even to enemies!

2. Fruitless Content

You write blog posts for your readers so that they can educate themselves with the latest information, guides etc(whatever you share) so it’s your responsibility to provide the correct information which is written in standard English.

If you provide information which are not correct and written poorly then you start losing the readers which can destroy your blog because without any readers a blog cannot survive.

!Be Precise while writing content!

3. No Social activity at all

Here Social Activity means activity on Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and others. Staying active on social media sites is one of the most important work for all bloggers so I would suggest never show laziness to share your posts on social sites, connect with fellow bloggers, participate on others’ status(if that is interesting).

After Google’s updates, social media has become the next generation of SEO hence with making friends, branding yourself it also gives SEO benefits. So if you are yet to start the social engagement then start it today otherwise it will destroy your blog because when readers see there is not engagement over the blog post, they most of the times treat the post as useless and leave from there without reading even a few lines.

!Socialise yourself!

4. Not commenting on other blogs

Commenting on other blogs after reading the posts is not just a way to build links but it’s a way to build relationships too. If you are not reading and commenting on others’ blogs then you are missing a lot.

Suppose I am a blogger and I don’t know about your blog but when you come to my blog and read a post then comment on it then I naturally become to know about your site while moderating your comment and there are 80% chances that I will go to your blog and do some readings & blog commenting.

If you don’t want to do this then it can somehow destroy your blog in terms of getting new people to read your blog.

!Start reading and Commenting!

5. Not replying to comments on your blog

I just mentioned above that you should comment on other blogs so that you would build relationships as well as let others know about your blog. But what if you comment on a blog and you don’t get replies? you would be disheartened, right? And maybe you will leave commenting on that blog.

Similarly when you don’t reply to comments you get on your blog posts then gradually those readers lose interest visiting your blog and finally stop coming you which can destroy your blog for sure.

!Forget laziness and keep replying!

6. Unwanted Fears

Bloggers might experience some unwanted fears like “Am I a good writer?, What other bloggers think about my blog posts?, I’m writing the same topics like others, how to get blog post ideas? how to get love from search engines? and much more fears”.

I want to say that the unwanted fears will definitely ruin your blog and so its health would get spoiled. Reading numerous blog posts would be a better solution for all the above listed unwanted fears.

!Do read more and get ideas to write better!


Final words

There might be hundreds of things that can destroy your blog, but I have shared few of the basic things which you should take care. I would suggest you to be good, be hard working, be polite and be patient. You will get positive results and become a successful blogger soon. Avoid the above-discussed things and protect your blog from destroying.

 I hope that you never let your blog destroy and if you liked the post then please share your thoughts via comment section!

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  1. parthiban

    Atish Ranjan,

    Thank you for this nice article , now only started commenting on others sites like yours..

  2. Hey Atish,

    You have provided really very great post here.
    You are true that the first thing a blogger must not have in it is “ego”. This can surely ruin your blog.
    I think one great point that can also be enough to destroy your blog is patience. Because I have seen many bloggers that don’t have much patience and think of earning the very first day.
    Patience is a really very imp. need to be successful in blogging.

    Again want to say a great post..
    Keep it up :)
    Vishal Sharma recently posted…What is email marketing? What are email marketing tools?My Profile

  3. Ravi Verma

    Hi Atish,,,
    Nice to see your Guest post after a long time. I really liked you points about this topic. Ego is something what that stops you from going ahead. The only thing which cause person to get success is its own EGO.

    And this ego will lead anyone not to reply on make comment on other blog and reply t the comment he receives on the blog. And about Social Interactions, being social is important. No blogger can survive with social media today. Every one must taste it 😉

    Well not only the reading of this point gonna help me. I will try to apply them :)
    thanks for wonderful article.
    Ravi Verma recently posted…Why You Should Participate in Guest Blogging Contests?My Profile

  4. The things that can affect or destroy a blog are numerous. This post has succeeded in highlighting six of them. I couldn’t agree more with the author on these.

    They all boils down to offering value and doing away with psychological hindrances like ego and fear.

    The details are clearly explained and they should be practical for marketers!

    I have shared this comment in kingged.com where this this post was found and “kingged” for its value to Internet marketers.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  5. Hi Atish,

    Nice to see you here at MyMagicFundas! And you’ve marked your arrival with a quality post! :)

    You’ve listed some key aspects that are capable of destroying a blog! I can relate to some of them, because I committed those mistakes earlier! And thankfully, I recovered and ,made a fresh start!

    Talking about ego, I can say that ego hinders this capability of ours to ‘learn from others’. An egoistic person, who considers him to be the best, refrains to learn from others. And blogging is all about learning new things. Bloggers are perpetual students, who learn, adapt and innovate!

    And ego destroys these things, effectively ruining a blog.

    Content has a lot to do with the success of a blog. No blog has ever succeeded by giving visitors crap content! Good content speaks for itself and brings with it lots of other goodies!

    And not supplying the same will bring the doom of a blog!

    Avoiding social media activity and not commenting on other blogs were mistakes I committed before. But thankfully, I realized those mistakes and have moved on! :)

    Talking about fears, I must admit that I had my fair share of fears and phobias, when I took to writing online. But fear can be conquered by facing it!

    Nice write up Atish!

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…How to Get Blog Traffic From Yahoo AnswersMy Profile

  6. Princewill

    Pride they say goes before a fall, I have never seen who succeeded without help from another human, if you are selling someone has to buy before you make money..

    Networking also plays a big part,interact on social media, comment on blogs and ofcourse quality content..

    There are still other ways a blog can go down but you have been able to touch on the major ones… Thanks for sharing on kingged.com
    Princewill recently posted…Nokia X Series Phones Basic Specs And PricesMy Profile

  7. Hi Atish,

    It’s nice to see your post in Nirmala’s blog. She always mention you in her blog and other social shares. You lead a way to her for blogging, she said often in her blog.

    Nice post and well said Atish.

    Too much of “Ego” not only destroy blog, even it destroys our life.

    A blog without a “Unique Content” is like a Market without customers

    Without Social Activity we can’t get friends and we can’t promote our blog.

    Commenting on other blogs and making prompt reply to your commentators will not surely destroy your blog. It’s an important point you mentioned here.

    We cannot live if we fear. We have face all the obstacles to get succeed.

    Thanks for sharing such a simple and great post. I enjoyed reading yours. Keep on doing ,Guest Post to Nirmala’s Blog.
    Nirmal Anandh recently posted…7 Most Popular Open Source .NET ApplicationsMy Profile

  8. I am doing all these activities on my blog. But, can you tell me@Atish, Nirmal or any others, how much time it will take to earn the first dollar from blogging and when is the right time for blog monetization.??

    • Bro, It totally depends on the stats and Search rankings. If you have great SE rankings which can give good traffic and if you have added adsense on your blog you can easily make 4-5$ or more on daily basis.

      Even you can try affiliate marketing if you are getting great amount of traffic from search.

      If you have got good PR, DA, Alexa then more advertisers will contact you to review their product or services.

      There is no fixed time for this in my opinion.
      Atish Ranjan recently posted…Motorola Moto X Arriving India soonMy Profile

  9. Hi Atish,
    Welcome on board to madam Nirmala’s blog. You are one of the finest bloggers in this blogosphere and with such a great post coming from your end, one should really take those advice really serious.

    If there is nothing at all, one thing I know is that the egocentric person never goes too far in life and that across blogging as well.

    Thanks for this insightful and do have a lovely day!
    Emmanuel recently posted…You can never be Rich Blogging on Blogging if…My Profile

  10. Rajesh Jhamb

    Hello Atish Brother

    Content is main key of successful Blog, If you can’t produce Quality Content why Visitors will visit your blog. Then Can never be your loyal readers

    They Will come and Go, Nothing else

    2nd Thing Social Media, It play very important role, It is best place for marketing your product/service and it is good for SEO too.

    Must Say Nice Article brother :)

  11. Hi Atish,

    Oh my two favourite people altogether. Its lovely to see you in mymagicfundas with a great piece once again.
    Keep generating such post, we are here to learn from you.
    Comments really works and I have always a emphasis on comment and I have seen good change in with this.
    Change like many bloggers are not only limited to be my commentators infact I feel that my friends have come to my blog to share his views and for supporting me.
    Its really very nice feeling to having conversation with your friends without ant ego and fear.

    Once again I want to express excellent post with all remarkable points. Thanks for sharing for us. Do have a good day ahead to both my heads Atish and Nirmala..
    shiwangi shrivastava recently posted…Women’s Day special- My 7 favourite female bloggersMy Profile

  12. Great review.The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Great job!

  13. Ego kills! If you are an egoistic person then success is far far away from you. Even sometimes if you get quick success then you cannot sustain it for long.

    By the way Atish, Good to see you here writing a guest post. Very nice post.

  14. Good to see you here on Nirmala mam’s blog. Loved the way you asked questions first and then defined all. Impressive post structure. Thanks. This post is so readable as well.

  15. Great questions. And then good way to clearing out every point. Loved the post.

    And Yes glad to see Mymagicfundas is now open for guest blogging. We can get more voice here as like this.

  16. just Luv to see two legends of blogging world at one place.As all knows” Content is the King”,so no doubt you will have massive traffic on your blog if you have a good content. By the nice and very very informative post.

  17. TakeelaSarah

    Hey Atish
    Nice and glad to see you here .
    The most important thing from my point of View is having Patience because blogging and SEO are the two things which totally depends upon Google.
    thanks for sharing Such a Nice information.

  18. Every point you’ve described for sure has an impact on our website.

    The most important is the type of content you share, does it really help the reader, or is some ramblings of words, is it original or “inspired too much” from other websites.

    Commenting, tha engagement rate, social activity yeah of course they have some effects on our website.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…Best Forex Affiliate Programs (Highest Paying)My Profile

  19. Fruitless content is the upshot of having an egocentric attitude, not engaging, poor content, poor headline, and many others.

    If you have a blog, in all probability, you want people to stay there and read and leave comments and share it to others, right?

    I will highlight FEARS. Qualms will totally wipe out your blog. If you doubt too much that you aren’t a good writer, then, practice. You have to read A LOT and write every day and the improvement will be seen in a little while.

    Good post, I must say!

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing content aggregator site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  20. Quality Content is Key to retain readership and if readers do not see value in posts they are not going to return. Hence to keep the blog alive as you have said we need to focus on creating quality content. Quality content will drive more readers, more comments

  21. Nice to see you here atish!
    And yes. Nirmala maam, I saw your blog about one and a half years ago.
    I guess it was in blogger in those days.But later I quit blogging, so I also quit reading others.Now, I have started it again after lots of failures, and saw your blog today.
    It really inspired me a lot and gave me energy to start my online job.
    THanks sharing such an awesome post !
    Zaid Niazi recently posted…Download WeChat for PC Free (Windows 7/8)My Profile

  22. Hello Atish Bro,

    Congrats for your guest post on MMF :)

    There are so many mistakes that bloggers must avoid to build a better blogging career like Posting Useless Content, Infrequently posting, Poor web Design, Depending on Freebies like themes, plugins etc.

    I like your point about the EGO. Bloggers should behave politely to all and respect is everything for a blogger.

    Thanks for sharing your tips and suggestions.
    Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…6 Ways To Motivate Yourself in Blogging, Especially #1My Profile

  23. Hey Atish: The way you do magic to get huge response on your each post sometimes makes me think if you write a post for dead may be a few be alive again just to give you their comments. But rest assure I am fully alive and in my sense but just a little envious of your impressive way.
    Nirmala thanks for making him share his thoughts on this topic at your awesome blog. God bless you

  24. Nikhil

    Hi Atish,

    Great list of things. I agree with all your points. These things are harmful to blog and you have to avoid it mostly ego…

    Thank you for your post…

  25. very nice article Atish
    i can see a very common mistake of beginners here that Not commenting on other blogs. This is a very potential harm for your blog if they do not create relationship with others in this community, that ‘s going to kill your blog softly.
    thanks for you valuable information.


  26. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this article. I should admit that I have destroyed my blogs owing to my laziness. Now I need to concentrate on points 3 and 4.

  27. Congrats Nirmala Ma’am, you got a pro blogger in first shot! Atish bro, nice post. You said really true. Specially first one, people think themselves superior after having a website because probably he don’t have any blogger friend. So that ego develops easily. Nice points. I wish I will see many posts of Atish bro in this blog… :)
    Lilesh recently posted…How To Make Your Own Free Web BrowserMy Profile

  28. Hi Nirmala Madam,

    Very much impressive post on things that will destroy my blog. Yes. It’s Atish brother.

    The post resemble to me in my starting days of blogging. Not in ego, where as commenting and social sharing.

    I was totally inactive at that time. Due to you and Atish brother got some tips that worked well for me. And I am continuing.

    Developing a blog is quite harder. But destroying it easy. No matter whether it’s your mistake or not. But you get punished if you have wrong poor content. So each and every step including replying to comments is must to maintain a successful blog. I would thanks Atish brother for such informative post. Looking forward for more….

    Thanks for sharing madam.
    Tharun recently posted…How to Install WordPress In Hostgator Addon Domain?My Profile

  29. Hello madam,

    First, a ton tanks for this wonderful article. I just learned many things from this article.

    As a starter it’s really useful and informative for me.

    I just started my website (techuloid.com) and hope i can apply your key points from this article.

    Sujith k (techuloid.com)

    • Yeah, yes! You should do encourage the visitors to leave their suggestions through comment and reply to them. By this way, the readership of the blog would be improved and so it will perform better in search engines.

      Keep it in mind that getting and replying to comment is like editing the post and hence it will be easy to please the search engines.

      Thanks for coming and leaving your thought here and I must thank to the guest blogger “Atish Ranjan” who took time to reply for most of the comments. I wonder with that inspiring person, who encourages lot of bloggers with his smart work. I feel happy to connect with him 😛
      Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…Keep Yourself Updated With New Twitter FeaturesMy Profile

  30. Hello Atish,

    Great topic with some knowledgeable stuff all your point are very useful to make an ordinary blog to a success full blog. Thanks for sharing your views and knowledge with us.

  31. Hi madam,
    First to come, and happy to learn some things from your wonderful article. I think these points can help me manage my blog better. Thanks for sharing, hope i can always read your more excellent blog post.

    Best Regards

  32. Really nice article with knowledgeable stuff. Thanx for this post sharing with us.all point which you mentioned really important for blogger
    keep blogging

  33. rachel

    Thanks a lot for the amazing and inspiring advice, I’m a new blogger and I’m sure this will help…. Awesome!!!!

  34. Hiren

    Nice article very informative post and nice tips also. i definitely try to apply all tips given by you thanks to share article.

  35. I completely agree with your second point. Ego is definitely a no-no while blogging. We must respect each other. Blogging doesn’t work in isolation. We have to value everyone’s thought. We must provide quality content for the readers. But, in this process, we must not think too much about the response from the readers. If we connect things in a proper manner, everything turns out be a perfect.
    Thanks Nirmala Ma’am for sharing views of Atish on your blog.
    Yatin Khulbe recently posted…How to follow your dreams? 41 Experts sharing the SECRETMy Profile

  36. Hi Atish,
    Good to see you on Nirmala madam’s blog. I agree with all the 6 points and specifically, point 1 about ego and 5 about not replying to blog comments caught my senses as well.

    I have seen some bloggers calling up themselves a pro-blogger and claiming that they knew everything about it. Someone, sometime said “You’re dead the next minute you stopped learning and started considering that you know everything”. Very unique point and valid one as well.

    I have noticed that many bloggers not even care about replying to comments on their blogs. That’s definitely a killer. You can’t just ignore your visitors who took a step forward to share their feedback about the content you have created. When your blogs get thousands of comments, you should at least find time to reply the valued ones.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    Have a nice day :)
    Sasidhar Kareti recently posted…How To Improve Your Mobile Search Ranking After The Mobile-Friendly Update (April 2015)?My Profile

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