How To Make Money For Students Using Hoverwatch?


Money is something which everybody needs but who can understand better than a student? In student life, we struggle so much for a single penny as we get limited pocket money from our parents.

Recently, I was talking to few students of pre-board and was amazed to see how they were generating some handsome money through small part-time work.

Yes! they search “Online Jobs For Students” and earn a decent revenue in their spare time.

I would like to appreciate their keen interest in making money online and hence started exploring some fruitful sources through which the students can earn some decent income.

And today I have found an earning opportunity that is something interesting!

Parental Control – It is a trendy topic as there are technological risks involved in the usage of internet and games by the kids & teens. 

Thus the parents put limits on the internet, social media and movie sites usage of their child. 

So, you may make use of this hottest matter by suggesting the best application for the parents who are looking for the helpful app that can monitor the entire activities of their children.

To help you some extent, I got a nice parental control software with the affiliate program through which you could make some dough at your free time.

It is – Hoverwatch Affiliate Program!

In this post, I’m going to talk about how to make money for students using Hoverwatch easily. The gaining method is simple. Before getting into the details, let’s see what Hoverwatch is?

What Is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is the leading parental control software helping parents manage their children smartly for the best care. They don’t have to physically available all the time and can be managed remotely with the help of the Hoverwatch app.

There are multiple features through which Hoverwatch is leading parental control tool, and few of those are:

  • Location tracker
  • Phone call recorder
  • Social media message tracker
  • To-do list management
  • Hoverwatch Hidden SMS Tracker
  • Screenshots to know how the phone is used

Not only the above features, but the parents can also remain completely invisible and they can stay hidden from their kids.

This parental control app can track up to 5 devices simultaneously (both Mac & Windows supported).

As you can see there are many features due to which Hoverwatch is currently a leading tool for parental control and so, Hoverwatch affiliate is again one of the best affiliate programs for students.

Hoverwatch Affiliate Program

Hoverwatch Affiliate program is one of the highly paid affiliate programs in the small software segment. They provide awesome deals to all their affiliate marketers.

And being a student chance of conversion is more as you will be getting the group which buys the most.

Hoverwatch provides following commission on every sale:

  • 50% commission on every sale
  • 50% commission on the subsequent payments

That means if you will sell the personal plan for 3 months which costs $49.95 then you will get the commission around $25.

And again if the user is renewing the product for one year which costs $99.95 then again you will get somewhere around $50 and so on.

The beauty of the Hoverwatch affiliate program is, you will keep on getting the commission till the time your referred customer is paying to the Hoverwatch.

So, you work once and keep getting the benefit for the lifetime, if the customer is with the Hoverwatch for the lifetime.

Now as you know the benefits of joining the Hoverwatch affiliate program, let’s see how you can join them and get started.

How To Get Started With Hoverwatch Affiliate Program

Becoming a Hoverwatch Affiliate is an easy process and simply by following the first link you can get started. Once you are there, the website will ask you to fill certain details like below.


After entering your details, Hoverwatch team will review your account and approve. Once approved, you will get a dedicated affiliate URL that you need to promote and get sales.

On your affiliate dashboard, you will get all the promotional and marketing related stuff like banner, links, logos etc. which you can use to promote the product in the best possible way to get maximum sales and commission.

Below are the different commissions involved in the different products provided by Hoverwatch.

Make Money With Hoverwatch

So, you have signed up as an Hoverwatch affiliate and got the promotional materials for sales. Now, how to make money with it?

Let me tell you a few ideas; you may implement the appropriate one at your ease!

  • Share the affiliate URL to your social media followers and WhatsApp groups.
  • Spread the words about the Hoverwatch to your surroundings and with your friends.
  • You can promote it in your respective schools and tell others how beneficial it is for the parental control.
  • You can create a blog and write about the benefits of using the parental control application. Learn how to start a blog and SEO techniques

Final Words

If you are a student who looks for the legit way of making money to overcome financial constraints, then you may consider joining the Hoverwatch affiliate program and shout out them.

As the parents want to monitor the tech device and online activities of their kids, you may take the opportunity to give the best recommendation and earn with it.

So, what do you think about this cash making method? Would you like to join? Share your priceless thoughts in the comment section, let’s discuss the earning ideas for the students. 

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  1. Alexandr Lorvinus

    Great article, Nirmala. I’m finishing my master’s program now, and as a student, I spend most of my time studying, so there’s almost no time left for work. Thanks for the hint about Hoverwatch.
    For my part, I can add that students in fact only have to earn money through the Internet or in the service sector. I’m doing a good job on the latest courses doing re-ratings for survey sites like Tech and BestAdvisor.

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